Rewriting, the path to a great story

The first draft is tough. Plotting, conflict, character development and endings all present a daunting challenge.
Now the rewrite. Here is where the real inspiration comes in. It takes courage to cut superfluous and redundant dialogue as the word count shrinks. It takes stepping back and visualizing that scene. What’s that on the floor? Whose eye twitches and how about that crow sitting on a fence hovering over a grave.
Smells – hot apple pie mixed with… what is that scent? Manure? Body odor? Perfume?  There’s a torn cuff, an odd cut on her cheek and a warm wind from the south that create the mood, the character and the reader’s experience through words.
So often we fall in love with what we’ve written, more likely they trigger our internal visual of everything that is happening. Often on further examination, we see it in our mind, but it isn’t always written on the page.
Tucking descriptions between paragraphs, thoughts between dialogue, small actions among the large, rewrites are the path to molding a great story.

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