Nasty words

I have compiled a list of words that (I believe) should be eliminated or replaced in a creative manuscript. Of course there are exceptions to any rule but here is my list of – nasty words.

Very, almost, of course, involve, just, really, quite, sort of, walk, saw, seem, instantly, suddenly, briefly, good, bad, nice, went, came, moreover, a lot, alright , probably, ly words, ion words, is, are, was, were, be, been, being, make, made, involved, provide, provided that, walk, look, heard, thought, ing words, seemed as, got, get.

Most of these words can be replaced with more descriptive verbs. You can make an online search and there are about 30 alternatives for the verb “walk.”

Another nasty word is “had”, like in “he had run” – “he ran” is the suggested way

The great thing about writing is you can write whatever you want and ignore my suggestion. However, my experience proved to me that when others make suggestions it is a good idea to listen.

This list is not mine but came from more than one source.


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